Logistics automation - the importance of volume measurement

Automation and in-motion dimensioning provides tremendous opportunities for increased efficiency and avoidance of underpayment for companies within the warehousing and logistics industries. New technology allows for automated calculation and documentation of volumetric weight to be performed swiftly and accurately for pallet based shipments.

Why dimensioning of goods is important to any warehouse or transportation company

To accurately register the true volume of shipments is important for all companies that receive, store, send, or transport palletized goods in their daily business operations. The importance is obvious from a practical perspective. The limited space of both warehouses and trailers should be planned based on actual, rather than assumed, pallet dimensions. Although not as visually apparent as an overloaded warehouse shelf, there are other significant reasons to ensure that goods are correctly dimensioned.

First of all, when stated volume is less than the actual volume in the transport sector, the result is often inaccurate billing and underpayment. It is fair to your clients and financially important to your own organization that shipping costs are being calculated using real-life data. You want to pay or be paid for no more or less than the actual volumetric weight that is being shipped. In addition, registration of correct dimensions facilities benefits such as the possibilities to:

  • increase the fill rate of trailers

  • optimize the usage of warehouse storage spaces

  • reduce lead times and shipping costs

Effortless measurement with automated technology

Cind has developed a fully automated in-motion freight and pallet dimensioner that makes the process quicker and simpler than ever before. We call it Cargospect. Our patent pending system utilizes image processing technology to automatically dimension and register goods, regardless of shape. The accuracy and speed of the automated dimensioner allows you to cut costs considerably, in comparison to the usage of traditional laser based systems, not to mention inefficient manual measuring processes. In short, Cargospect allows your organization to effortlessly:

  • reduce shipment processing time and manual handling

  • increase accuracy and enhance client satisfaction

  • reduce costs and increase productivity

If you would like to know more about our patented intelligent 3D volume measurement systems and how they can be applied to your business, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Cind.


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