Extended type approval for TimSpect - Automatic stack measurement of fuel wood

The industry requires measuring equipment (new technology and new methods) for compensation-based timber measurement to be type-approved. Type approval normally consists of two parts:

(1) Technical measurement approval that includes measurement accuracy and verifiability.

(2) Functional approval confirming that the equipment can be used in practical timber measurement.

A number of tests regarding measurement accuracy and to confirm the functionality were performed by VMK. On June 2, 2022, Cind received extended type approval for TimSpect in the form of automatic stack measurement of fixed volume of the additional range of fuel wood.

TimSpect has previously been type-approved for automatic stack measurement of fixed volume (m3fub) for

• Coniferous, spruce and deciduous wood

• Sawing timber in decreasing lengths of pine and spruce

• Saw timber in a fixed agreed length of spruce

• Contorta pulpwood, excluding stacks with crane appearance

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