Cind and Georgia Pacific innovate together

Today Cind has been accepted as a member of Georgia Pacific’s new center for innovation, Point A.

-“It is very inspiring for us at Cind to be able to join and contribute in the innovative and creative environment that Georgia Pacific is now creating with the Point A Center. The membership also tells us that our unique proposition is now generating a lot of interest not only in Sweden but also in the rest of the world. Point A has created an impressive innovation process that brings the best of the best and we are very much looking forward to work with the Point A team and the other members” said Marcus Schelin, CEO at Cind AB.

Cind and Point A are now working together to find new creative ways to make the entire supply chain more efficient and there are already several projects identified.

3D model of a truck

The Cind system is based on patented computer stereo vision technology that dynamically extracts 3D information from the object passing by. The standard object is a truck with its load, but it could potentially be any kind of object. With the 3D information our software calculates vital information about the object such as volume, diameters, lengths etc. In combination with machine learning the system can provide even more valuable information such as detection of various defects.

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