Cind is growing!

Today we welcome three new employees at Cind!

David and Jonas are already well known at Cind via internships. They are now joining our development team with the focus to make our extraordinary products even more extraordinary. They will also be instrumental when Cind now is introducing new products on an international market. Jonas and David both recently graduated from Jönköping University where they studied "Embedded Systems".

Angelique who is joining Cind as the Operations Manager has a very broad background within project management. Angelique will ensure that our customers are happy with our deliveries on daily basis. Outside her "Cind-life" she is the driving force in different charity projects such as the Team Rynkeby project that helps children with cancer.

We are so happy and honoured that Angelique, David and Jonas opted for Cind!

For further information, please contact:

Marcus Schelin, +46 72 242 23 44,

About Cind

Cind was established in 2015 as a spin-off from military defence company SAAB. Our focus is volume measurement and our customers exist primarily within the forest and logistics industries.

The company uses patent pending image processing technology which builds upon decades of development work originating in missile technology development. All our products are based on stereo camera technology which is used to calculate – with considerable accuracy – the volume and condition of, for example, timber stacks, individual logs or goods.

Our products have been deployed widely in Sweden and is today seen as the de facto standard for stacked measurement on trucks


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