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Are you operating in the Logistics industry? Then Cargospect is the right tool for you! Cargospect is an efortless pallet dimensioner, meant to automatically measure your volumetric weight with true measurement data. No matter if you have 100 or 10 000 pallets to measure every night, Cargospect got you covered. Our system can be personalized according to your specific needs and can be easily integrated with your WMS, TMS or ERP systems via our REST based API.

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However, let’s stop talking about us, and let’s start talking about you! We understand that words are just words. Actions are the most important factors in decision making. Therefore, let us show you how our system can help you increase your Return on Investment and overall revenues in your company.

All you have to do is provide us some information in the form below and that’s it! We’ll do the tricks and we’ll prove you how Cargospect will increase your revenues. After all, our system will be able to measure your pallets in JUST 2 seconds!

You don’t have to overthink on every question. Just think about some estimations of your processes. Submit the form and we’ll come back with a report showing how our system will optimize your Supply Chain. No more manual, labor intensive measuring.


How do we do it? Well, we need some information from your side, such as how many pallets do you handle each day and what would be the costs and revenues that you generate from them. Based on this information, we will then be able to calculate your performances with and without our Cargospect system. Using all this data, we can show you how much you will be able to increase revenues and performance in your company using Cargospect.


Let’s embrace automation, relax and focus on more important tasks for better efficiency. Try our ROI tool today!

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