Other products

Same Technology, Different Applications

At Cind, we always want to make our customers more efficient. Below is a summary of other products that we are developing 

Automatic Volume Measurement of Inventory and Stockpiles

Did you know that achieving an optimal stockpile and inventory of raw-material storage is one of the biggest challenges, not only for the forest industry, but for multiple other industries? Any mistake can lead to tied-up capital and non-optimal processes.


This is where we join you in optimizing your supply chain! Our software is able to automatically detect, delimit and measure the gross volume of individual stacks and piles in terminals and inventories. With our help, stockpile management will be hassle-free and will offer better cost efficiency. 


Our systems provide considerably higher scaling accuracy in comparison to manual estimation. Communication via WiFi also minimises the need for cabling. The system is factory-calibrated and all future calibration and measurement is done automatically, meaning that you can relax and take over more important tasks inside your company.

Logspect - An Innovative way of Measuring Logs in a Sawmill

Besides measuring loads while on truck and measuring stockpiles, we can provide you with modern solutions for measuring logs inside sawmills. 


Traditional laser based systems for measuring and classifying logs within a mill requires the log to move in a longitudinal position through the scanner, a complication and limitation for many sawmills. Additionally, it requires the log to move at an even speed and totally fixed to the carrier while moving through the scanner


Our stereo camera technology allows scanning of a log in transversal position and the log can move freely during the scanning, for example in the sorter in a sawmill. Our systems will automatically measure your logs and will increase the efficiency inside your sawmills.