Automate the dimensioning of  your freight. In-motion dimensioning of all objects in seconds 

Effortless measurement of ALL your shipments!

Cargospect is our latest development. The product ensures that all your pallet based shipments are dimensioned, not only the ones that you have time to measure but ALL your shipments. The product is developed together with leading logistics companies with the goal to measure dimensions automatically and totally effortless. With Cargospect you are absolutely sure the volumetric weight is calculated with true measurement data and since the process is documented with pictures of the shipment you can always go back and review in case there is a need. No matter if you have 100 or 10 000 pallets to measure every night, Cargospect got you covered. 


Large dimensions

Cargospect is capable to measure  anywhere from 25 x 25 x 25 cm on the low end, all the way up to 240 x 240 x 220 cm on the high end

High accuracy

Cargospect provides a measurement accuracy of +- 2 cm


Cargospect is easily integrated with your WMS, TMS or ERP system via our REST based API


Cargospect is a drive-through experience. No stop is needed to measure the dimensions. The dimensions are delivered within seconds

Cost effecient

Cargospect is using standard hardware components.  Thanks to extensive research we have been able to remove the need of expensive laser technology. Altogether Cargospect is a cost efficient solution with short ROI.


When developing Cargospect we have worked with a modular approach which enables us to customise the product according to your specific needs.

How it works

The Cargospect is a fully-automatic freight and pallet dimensioner. Thanks to our patent pending technology the dimensioning is done at a speed and simplicity that never has been seen before. When the system is installed, all your freight can be measured at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional laser based systems (or manually with measuring tape).  Cargospect can be customised to your process and integrated with your existing back-office systems for greater efficiency and flexibility. 

The image processing technology is able to handle objects of all shapes and most commonplace materials such as cardboard, plastic, steel, wood, etc.

Identification of the shipment is handled fully automated as well. We have solutions that finds barcode label and scans the barcode of the shipment. It all happens while the shipment is transported through the gantry. Alternatively we can use RFID as identification method. 


What people say

The Carrier

Now we are able to measure 100 % of our shipments. Increased revenue at reduced cost. 

The Shipper

Finally we get 100 % control of the shipment costs and we are able to plan the transports much more effecient 

The Freight forwarder

Now we have a much better relationship with both the carrier and the shipper. No re-bills anymore