Bulk Load Measurement 
and Inspection

Chipspect automatically measures  the volume of the material loaded in the truck or trailer bin. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why Chipspect?


Transport companies want to utilize their fleet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. By accepting deliveries around the clock, our customers can secure their wood supply while their suppliers can plan their logistics efficiently. Chipspect is equipped with illumination and heating/cooling facilities to enable uninterrupted operations in snow, sun and rain conditions.

No human intervention

Chipspect is helping you reduce error rates and labor costs thanks to its high level of automation. When humans need to rest, Chipspect will continue working with constant accuracy around the clock. This will save money and increase production capacity.

Future proven technology

All logic of the system is software based, which means that new functionalities can easily be developed without any hardware upgrades. For you, as a customer, this means that Chipspect supports your future Supply Chain developments and customer specific customizations can be implemented in short timeframes. All hardware components are available off-the-shelf to ensure short lead times and future availability. 


The speed of measurement is key for mills with large production volumes to reduce expensive waiting time. With Chipspect, they are able to measure at least 30 trucks per hour.

Capturing Data - The Smart Way

Do you need to measure large volumes of loads?


Chipspect is the solution! Our product helps you optimize your supply chain of bulk materials. It not only helps you get an accurate volume of the delivered materials, but it also captures vital quality data that can be used while inspecting the delivery either manually or automatically. Our stereovision technology allows us to utilise machine learning technologies that can help you optimise the entire Supply Chain. 


From wood chips, hog fuel and sawdust, to multiple different types of bulk materials. Chipspect is a flexible product meant to accommodate the client’s needs. 


The product can provide data such as volume, surface fraction, contaminations, colors and temperature of the load. Moreover, the product can also be combined with round wood measurement, everything being done automatically in just seconds.

How it Works

Our sensors scan the truck as it passes through the gantry.  The software is then dynamically identifying the load on the truck via a set of unique algorithms. A 3D-model called point cloud is generated and, at the same time, 2D images are grabbed for further image processing. The captured data is used by our software to calculate the volume, dimensions, diameters, defects etc. 

Everything is processed in less than a minute.

All data is exchanged to external systems via our REST API. 

Extensive functionality to fit

all your needs 

Volume measurement

Surface size classification

Contamination detection

Manual quality inspection

Automatic quality inspection

Some of our Customers

“BillerudKorsnäs works actively with suppliers at the leading edge of technology in our ambition to provide and develop a sustainable pulpwood supply. We chose CIND owing to their solution which utilises unique stereo camera technology. In part for the compact camera equipment solution, in part because of the innovative development possibilities afforded by automatic volume calculation of pulpwood stacks on a vehicle,”

Stig Jonsson, Senior Specialist Wood Logistics at BillerudKorsnäs

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