Fastest approved dimensioner 

True in-motion measurement of all

your palletised items 

We help you to optimise your supply chain!

At Cind we develop solutions that automates and optimises labour intensive activities related to measurement and inspection.  We are helping world-leading companies within logistics and forest industry to work more cost efficient and equally important, they are using our products to capture business critical data from their supply chain. The data allows our customers to make smart decisions to maintain high efficiency and competitive edge.


Our products are well known for being fast and accurate. One of the reasons is our patented stereovision technology and together with our customers we are continuously developing our products to stay on the leading edge. 

We are Cind - Measurement and inspection in-motion, fully automated. 


Our products have been developed with speed in mind. All measurement is done in-motion which means the production rate can be maintained. The volume of a truckload is delivered within 30 seconds.

Cost efficient

Manual measurement is not only difficult. It is also very expensive in terms of labour cost. Our customers are making significant cost savings when introducing our products in their workflows. 


Thanks to the fact that we are using ordinary camera technology, the camera resolution  can easily be adapted to comply with requested accuracy.  

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