Fastest Volume Measurement 

True in-motion measurement of all

your palletised items 

Let's optimize your Supply Chain processes together!

At Cind, we are using the latest technologies in order to develop quick and precise measurement systems for your needs. We are helping world-leading companies within the logistics and forest industries to have more time for important tasks and to be more cost efficient.


Our products offer you real-time business critical data that allows you to make smart decisions and to maintain high efficiency and competitive edge.

How do we do that?

Using patented stereo vision technology!


Our systems are able to scan and measure volume for pallets, timber and various bulk load materials. Using our systems, you can relax and concentrate on other important tasks, as we are able to automatically measure your loads in-motion, 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is Volumetric Scanning?

Volumetric scanning is useful for various loads, as it scans the framed volume, solid volume, lengths, widths and even diameters. Our systems are able to provide useful information about quality of loads at the same time. 

Using our 3D imaging software instead of traditional methods allows loads to be scanned in just seconds and will provide you with real data. This means that you will always pay for the exact quantity and quality of your loads or pallets.

Benefits of Cind's Volumetric Scanning Systems


Receive useful load information in just seconds


Our systems operate in any conditions, at any time

Cost Efficient

Eliminate labor intensive activities and reduce costs


We are certified according to the toughest industry standards


Our technology is built on decades of development work

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